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AWK Situation in the Mens Room. Please Help.

Maybe I’m just an idiot, but I just had the most awkward situation in the mens room, and I’d like to iron this out.

Well, it was 2:45pm I was back from lunch and I really had to use the restroom. Once I get there I see the cleaning cart of the old lady that maintains the floor I work in. I’m not the type of guy thats like… “ewww there’s a girl in the mens room ewwww!!” you feel me? So, i walk in there cause I can’t hold it any longer and I go right…

This lady… slams the door to the larger handicapped stall she was mopping at the time and I’m like woah… okay. I finish, wash my hands, and step out. As I walk back to my office this lady is across the hall pacing back and forth in front of the lady room.

As I walk past chillin, she basically pulls me to the side to tell me that if I want her to step outside so I can use the restroom to just tell to to get out. Meanwhile I’m thinking, I just wanted her to do her job in peace, and I just wanted to piss rq.

At that point I was like now this got AWK for no reason lady… cmon now. Could someone tell me if I just have no manners or if this lady is just like… overly sensitive to the sound of piss? I’m just thinking she shouldn’t be a janitor if it brings her that much stress… sheesh.

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