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AWK Situation in the Mens Room. Please Help.

Maybe I’m just an idiot, but I just had the most awkward situation in the mens room, and I’d like to iron this out.

Well, it was 2:45pm I was back from lunch and I really had to use the restroom. Once I get there I see the cleaning cart of the old lady that maintains the floor I work in. I’m not the type of guy thats like… “ewww there’s a girl in the mens room ewwww!!” you feel me? So, i walk in there cause I can’t hold it any longer and I go right…

This lady… slams the door to the larger handicapped stall she was mopping at the time and I’m like woah… okay. I finish, wash my hands, and step out. As I walk back to my office this lady is across the hall pacing back and forth in front of the lady room.

As I walk past chillin, she basically pulls me to the side to tell me that if I want her to step outside so I can use the restroom to just tell to to get out. Meanwhile I’m thinking, I just wanted her to do her job in peace, and I just wanted to piss rq.

At that point I was like now this got AWK for no reason lady… cmon now. Could someone tell me if I just have no manners or if this lady is just like… overly sensitive to the sound of piss? I’m just thinking she shouldn’t be a janitor if it brings her that much stress… sheesh.

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Life Round Here

I’m very excited to have this site up and running again.  When I had started this site back in 2008 I intended to run it as a hip-hop blog, which I did to moderate success before I lost all my file uploads when that whole shit show with file sharing sites went down.  But honestly, life is different now and that’s just not something I feel all too much anymore.  Today’s online rap ecosystem is filled with same lazy aggregated content, hot takes and click bait.  It’s a bunch of cornball shit to me and I don’t have the desire to be caught in that extremely tangled web. With that being said, you will always be able to find hip-hop music and my thoughts on it on KnoFlyZone because it genuinely speaks to my soul and it has been there for me in the best and worst of times.  I’ve always been passionate about it, and my desire to share it will never change. But I want this to be something more.  I want this to be my own little corner of the internet where myself and my friends can share music, thoughts, frustrations, observations and whatever else we feel like.  Whether it be Sports, Music, Politics or random shit to get us through the day.  Structure and limitations are out the door.  There isn’t going to be a rhyme or reason for this.  I’m not doing this to get noticed or make money.  I’m doing it because I can. To give people a glimpse into the minds of a bunch of crazy Miami  kids living life, taking shit day by day and trying to make something of ourselves in the process.  We’ll have a couple of my friends from out of town contributing as well, so don’t worry this won’t get too Miami for you. (Trust, that is an actual thing.)  I’m blessed to know and have so many brilliant and talented people in my life,  I want to give them a platform to be able share their gifts with those who care to look.


So there you have it.  That’s what life in KnoFlyZone is going to be.  The obligatory short intro post is out of the way, I’m gonna proceed to dump a bunch of shit you guys should listen to now instead of reading words I’ve typed.


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We’re baaack!

KnoFlyZone is back in business and we’re aiming to be better than ever. Be prepared for the best in Music, Art, Design and more.