AWK Situation in the Mens Room. Please Help.

Maybe I’m just an idiot, but I just had the most awkward situation in the mens room, and I’d like to iron this out.

Well, it was 2:45pm I was back from lunch and I really had to use the restroom. Once I get there I see the cleaning cart of the old lady that maintains the floor I work in. I’m not the type of guy thats like… “ewww there’s a girl in the mens room ewwww!!” you feel me? So, i walk in there cause I can’t hold it any longer and I go right…

This lady… slams the door to the larger handicapped stall she was mopping at the time and I’m like woah… okay. I finish, wash my hands, and step out. As I walk back to my office this lady is across the hall pacing back and forth in front of the lady room.

As I walk past chillin, she basically pulls me to the side to tell me that if I want her to step outside so I can use the restroom to just tell to to get out. Meanwhile I’m thinking, I just wanted her to do her job in peace, and I just wanted to piss rq.

At that point I was like now this got AWK for no reason lady… cmon now. Could someone tell me if I just have no manners or if this lady is just like… overly sensitive to the sound of piss? I’m just thinking she shouldn’t be a janitor if it brings her that much stress… sheesh.

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One thought on “AWK Situation in the Mens Room. Please Help.

  1. John says:

    The lady is a bit over sensitive about the particular way the urine sounded upon impact of the surface of water in the toilet, maybe to her it was a bit loud causing her to vividly imagine the size of your cock by the way it sounds pissing! Or maybe she just morally and ethically believes in excuse me as a polite way of communicating to let her now your about to drain the lizard and can’t hold it no more! Don’t over analyze tho maybe she wanted to hold it and that’s why she made it a statement to tell you next time to excuse yourself if you wouldn’t let her do it!😂😁✌🏻️

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